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Lavender has been an important ingredient for years. With its ability to spread fragrance in no time and its cleansing qualities, lavender has found itself a place in the list of the most important ingredients for soaps. Mojomee has introduced a highly fragrant and luxurious lavender soap. It contains all the goodness of lavender that your skin needs. You will feel like you are using lavender flowers on your skin instead of soap.  This highly effective soap is made only with the parts of the lavender plant. We use lavender oil, lavender powder and also lavender-infused olive oil. The fresh and soothing fragrance of lavender provides a calming sensation for your body and helps in releasing stress.





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Lavender Soap in India

How can this lavender soap benefit you?

Using the Mojomee Lavender Soap, you can have the following benefits :

  • Lavender soap helps in reducing the anxiety and stress of working for the whole day.
  • The soap helps in inducing better sleep.
  • The soap helps in disposing of the acnes and getting clearer and radiant skin.


Shea butter of highest grade, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond oil, Lavender oil

All these ingredients are used with natural essential oil and lavender by combining and blending all the ingredients altogether.

How to use the Mojomee Lavender Soap?

Flatter your skin by massaging on your body with this Lavender soap gently and wash out with clear water.

Storage conditions

Keep the Mojomee Lavender soap in a dry and cold place. This will make the soap last longer.

Best recommended for

Individuals with every type of skin can have the benefits of this soap.

Best use before

You can use this soap before 12 months from the manufacturing date.






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