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Mojomee brings to you one of the most natural and organic ways to make your skin glow as it did before. The anti-aging cream isn’t just a normal cream; it is an epitome of timeless beauty and it is the perfect choice out of its contemporaries. The cream has fine essential oils that help reduce skin dryness and make you feel young in no time. It exfoliates dead pores and makes your skin radiate.

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As the skin ages, the ingredients get less effective. Skin requires the ingredients according to the need and age of the skin. So, if your anti-aging cream is not helping you to get rid of the wrinkles, fine lines, and aging signs that’s probably because ingredients ain’t effective anymore.


After investing in an aging cream, we expect to get rid of signs of aging. But, what if I tell you by using Mojomee miraculous anti-aging cream not only you’ll get rid of aging signs but it will reverse the aging as well.


Do you want to get back your twenties skin? Well, it’s possible with this formula. The youthful-looking skin which can heal itself, who doesn’t want it? But the product must be expensive, right? What if I tell you that the product is affordable yet effective? What if I tell you that you’ll get your twenties skin back yet the product will not burn a hole in your pocket? It’s possible, which the magical formula is specially formulated for aging skin. Our products are 100% natural and safe for sensitive skin as well. You’ll not face any side effects. Also, our products are 100% cruelty-free, we don’t test them on animals.


Scroll down to find some reasons to include this product in your skincare regime.


Benefits of anti aging cream

Reverses aging

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Hydrates skin and keeps it soft and supple

Brighter and even-toned complexion

Suitable for all skin types

Safe and cruelty-free formula

Made with 100% natural ingredients


Key ingredients-


Aloe vera –

Excellent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and skin-healing properties from nature.

Aloe Vera helps to moisturize and soothes the skin


Green tea –

Green tea’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. It can make it an effective acne and oily skin treatment. Green tea polyphenols, when applied to the skin, help cut sebum secretion, which can lead to acne.


Olive oil –

Olive oil blocks about 20% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays when applied to the skin. It promotes the skin’s natural sun-blocking proteins. Squalene, the fat contained in olive oil, is also present.

The most essential protective fat on the skin is natural fat.


Rice Bran Oil –

Rice bran oil contains a high vitamin E. It helps to soothe and soften skin cells. Also enhancing the complexion of the skin. It’s used as suntan lotions to rejuvenate skin cells. Relieve inflammation and redness.


Glycerin –

Glycerin locks in moisture and gives it a young, healthy glow. It reduces the development of wrinkles. Keeps the skin soft and smooth by drawing moisture to the top layer of the skin. Glycerin also helps you to slow down the aging process by improving skin function.




Coconut oil, Castor oil, Rice Bran Oil, Soya Bean Oil, E-Wax, Stearic acid

Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol,

Glycerin, Distilled Water, Aloe Vera, Rose Water, Green Tea, Frankincense, Neroli, Myrrh, Preservatives & Essential oil


Who can use Mojomee Anti-ageing cream?


This cream is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.


How to use Mojomee Anti-ageing cream?


  1. Take a pea-sized amount.


  1. Warm it up between fingers.


  1. Dot it over the entire face.


  1. Rub it over the entire face.


FAQs –


Q – What is the shelf life of Mojomee Anti-ageing cream?


A -You can use Mojomee Anti-ageing cream best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing mentioned on the pack.


Q – How to store Mojomee Anti-ageing cream?


A -Always store Mojomee Anti-ageing cream in a dry and cool place only. Keep refrigerated for the best results.


Q – Is it safe to use Mojomee Anti-ageing cream daily?


A -Yes! It is best to use Mojomee Anti-ageing cream daily to keep your skin smooth, clear, and radiant.


Q – Is Mojomee Anti-ageing cream made from natural ingredients?


A -Yes! In the era of skincare products we provide with  all-natural ingredients, chemical free, harmless and premium products.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Sushmitha singh

    one of my friend suggested anti aging cream, I was hesitant to use this brand, I am happy i chose it, good anti aging product

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