48Herbs Anti Dry Hair Root Cleanser Shampoo – 150ml

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Anti dry hair root cleanser shampoo.


All you men out there do note that dry hair is a sign of hair damage and if gone unnoticed, it is likely to be irreparable. At Muchhad Mojo, how can we even allow that to happen? With this in mind, we have floated our carefully developed Anti-Dry Hair Root Cleanser for Men, which promises to take care of dry hair by offering an Natural boost to your hair strands. Dry Hair is essentially a result of your hair being unable to contain moisture, which further makes them appear unhealthy, dull, and frizzy.

This is exactly what our product effectively deals with. Wait, that is not all! This all-in-one hair solution offers holistic hair care, making it impossible for you to give up on the same now or later. We see the wide smiles on the faces of men dealing with dry hair.

Come let us get to know more about Muchhad Mojo’s Anti-Dry Hair Root Cleanser for men Muchhad Mojo Anti-Dry Hair Root Cleanser – An Alloy of Nature’s Best Kept Secrets Our Anti-Dry Hair Root Cleanser for men contains the much sought-after hair tonic – Shikakai that does wonders for dry hair. What is special about this ingredient, you ask? Well, Shikakai has excellent moisturizing, conditioning, and hydrating properties. It helps in doing away with dry hair while bidding goodbye to frizzy and dull hair. Not to forget, its ability to make your hair appear shiny and lustrous.

Healthy Hair is what we wish to offer to every man, who is working towards reversing dry hair troubles. This is what the Aloe Vera content in our anti-dry hair root cleaner aims to achieve. Rich in vitamins, aloe vera stands out for its moisturizing properties. This power ingredient steps into the shoes of a conditioner and detangler as well. An effective cleansing agent that rightly forms part of our anti-dry hair root cleanser for men is Reetha. With its sharp nature, reetha does not just assist with managing dry hair but also helps to free your scalp of dandruff, while controlling hair fall.

1 review for 48Herbs Anti Dry Hair Root Cleanser Shampoo – 150ml

  1. 5 out of 5


    Nice product, never used anti dry hair root cleanser earlier, today I am happy I used this product

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